Sunshine Socialist Cinema: a manual for a cinema

FOCO showcase
The Sunshine Socialist Cinema: a manual for a cinema – Lisbon session
a work by Kristina Müntzing & Kalle Brolin

The Sunshine Socialist Cinema is an outdoor, solar-powered cinema created by the artist duo Kristina Müntzing and Kalle Brolin, who started to work on their project in 2011. Their first screening with solar panels took place in 2012 and the cinema has been installed in a garden in the southern Swedish countryside town Höja during the summer. It is currently travelling throughout Sweden in a van. The themes of the films include post-industrial survival, political filmmaking, artists joining political collectives, and more. The cinema’s activities include public screenings, study group discussions, field trips, and presentations hosted by other institutions. The present edition is part of the Lisbon Consortium curatorship class project Portions of Share, and it is framed within the broader context of 4Cs – From Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture, co-founded by Luísa Santos. The curatorial challenge was to present the work of the artists in the form of an artist book.

The Sunshine Socialist Cinema is a utopian, sustainable, and politically engaged discussion platform. These notions of utopia, engagement, and discussion were the starting point for developing an artist book showcasing the Sunshine Socialist Cinema that would open new perspectives and ways of sharing.

The exhibition-artist book consists of a programme involving the screening of feature length and short films by nine artists from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. The films are related to topics such as sustainability, conviviality, conflict resolution, and left-wing political views.

The selected films include:

– Casus Belli (2010) by Yorgos Zois from Greece [11:16]
– No Green No Blue (2010) and Instinctive Behavior (2017) by Marta Alvim from Portugal [15:02 ; 8:04]
– Digital Trauma (2017) by Maria Molina from Spain [8:07]
– Sound from the Hallways (2012) by Lasse Lau from Denmark [25:12]
– Veridis Quo (2016) by Lola González from France [15:00]
– Athènes plage (2019) by Christophe dos Santos and Alice Bachmann from Portugal and France [60:00]
– (Putting words) in my mouth (2018) by Divine Southgate Smith from England [26:35]
– Dandakaranya – The Jungle of Punishment (2012) and The Ghost Taxonomy (2012) by Tushar Waghela from India [2:26 ; 4:57] from the artistic platform of ethiCollective
– How green was my valley – EUROPA (2005) by Paulo Mendes from Portugal [25:01]

This selection presents and further inspires an engagement not only with the ideas of the Sunshine Socialist Cinema but also the practices that inspired concepts and ideas at the heart of the 4Cs project, which more broadly frames the exhibition-artist book.

As noted in the context of the 4Cs project, the idea of going from conflict to conviviality must be seen as a circular rather than a linear movement. Instead of reaching a final, ideal destination, we will always encounter a new disturbance, a new conflict with the productive potential of inspiring us to yet again seek conviviality. The projection of the diverse films in our Sunshine Socialist Cinema, each with its own notions of calm and disturbance, of conflict and conviviality, presents such a cycle from conflict to conviviality – and back to conflict. To that end the Sunshine Socialist Cinema is an experimental playground, a space for us to meet, think, and discuss what kind of society we want to live in.

Curated by

Luísa Santos
Aude Vignac
Federico Rudari
Jule Kurbjeweit
Juliana Orrego Trujillo

Screening on March 10th from 15:00 to 20:00.

Support by:

4Cs – From Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture
The Lisbon Consortium – Universidade Católica Portuguesa

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Rua da Alegria, 34
1250-007 Lisboa