Pauline Guerrier

Pauline Guerrier, lives and works in Paris.
Born on 27 November 1990 in Clamart, France, she is the first child of a couple of artists.
Her father is a sculptor, and her mother is a dancer and choreographer. She left to live with her father in Paris in 2008, and joined the Fine Art of Paris in 2009 in the workshop of Giuseppe Penone, which she will occupy during her first three years. She then joined the workshop of Ann Veronica Janssen until her 5th year diploma in June 2014. Currently she works in Paris in her workshop and in the ASFAP GALLERY in Brussels. She works in parallel with Galerie Perpitch & Bringand, which regularly presents her work since 2016 and the collective “La Base” since 2010 of which she is a founding member.