Sarah Valente

Sarah Valente is a Franco-Italian visual artist.

His work is expressed through the mediums of photography, video, installation, drawing and sculpture. When she was younger, she dreamed of being an “inventor”. From this first dream she retains the following principle: “Every demonstration is a grandiose result with almost nonexistent means. ”

To the question “who is the greatest artist in the world? Some will answer God. Sarah Valente will answer nature. For ever, we have created Gods and Goddesses as vases communicating between natural phenomena and men. Sometimes to give a human aspect to the magic of the world. Nature and the cosmos are, in the mind of Sarah Valente, the parents of our humanity, those who allow us to breathe, nourish ourselves, live and thus exist. By observing them, man has been able to learn to create, to invent, to make use of what surrounds him. Tools, mathematical principles, maps, machines, calendars, agricultures, sciences … Nothing could have existed in this close relationship between man and his environment.

The gift of nature that seems to fascinate us men is the gift of the Renaissance, this ability to rise from its ashes according to the artist. This is the guiding principle of his work: to allow finished, industrial objects to recover an aspect that binds them to their origins. To render them in some way to their elements or symbolic of departure by giving back to these objects fashioned by the hand of man their original, original state.

His work is an attempt to pay tribute to this nature that surrounds us and that we carry within us. Sometimes relegated to the background in our modern societies, we have lost, according to the artist, the habit of observing this nature, contemplating it and seeking to understand its messages. Observe what are the mutual traces of man over the world, and of the world over man.

Sarah Valente seeks to question the parallels and similarities between infinitely large and infinitely small, earth and sky, ocean and cosmos, natural and artificial creations, reversing points of view in order to allow the viewer to discover certain forms and aspects of the universe , Which our eye or our mind could not necessarily perceive without a vector of transmission.

It is presently represented by the Parisian gallery Perpitch & Bringand